I’m sure you have seen that Kronos is suffering from a ransomware attack. This company uses cloud services that many companies, including healthcare services and hospitals rely on for their payroll and scheduling services. Kronos suspects these cloud services will be unavailable for several weeks.

That means some employees may have to go without pay. Companies are struggling to create alternate plans to pay their employees and track their hours. This attack is also impacting municipal governments, universities, and other large corporations. The impact of this attack is huge and came at a busy time, Kronos says they are working to resolve the threat but as of now the cause is unknown.

As always, make sure you are aware and take immediate action on any vulnerabilities in your company’s system, keep up with patching, and make sure you are insured. This attack emphasizes the need for companies to be precise and detailed in evaluating third party vendors they use for payroll, e-commerce, and other critical functions. In addition, companies should have contingency plans in place in the event that one of those vendor applications goes down.

The cyber threat landscape is ever-changing and the best we can do is have all necessary procedures in place to keep your company and clients protected. In this digital world, everything is connected. When that line of function is disrupted, it disrupts the entire process, whether big or small.